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A Child’s Mind is Like a Seed, When Nurtured it Grows Into Something Unique and Beautiful!


New Activities

Our essential task is to encourage children to new activities. We are ready to offer your children an opportunity to take a part in our own theatre. Taking part in drama classes will help kids to be more confident and build their courage. We also offer a physical activity for children, because we believe that exercises strengthen health and overall wellness

10 Years Experience

We are well-established, trusted and responsible for the superb upbringing of your children. Our Jumeirah based nursery brings peace of mind to parents. We can comfortably take care of your child while you are busy working.

Staff Excellence

We operate a thorough vetting process on all staff before they are on board, ensuring they are checked and verified for all necessary qualifications and certifications. As with most family businesses, we are extremely cautious with who we allow to work with us.  We strongly believe that our staff must possess the same passion, commitment and care as we do. All of our staff have the right personality and attitude so your child sees them as friendly and approachable.

Safety and Security

We emphasise the importance of settling your child in. We offer an individual approach to every child, promoting and supporting his smooth adaptation into a group. Although Dubai is a safe place, we provide a high level of safety and security, so that you can be relaxed, knowing your child is in good hands.

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