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Parents of children who attend kids nursery in Jumeirah  are often faced with the dilemma where their children categorically refuse to eat their lunch in the School. For parents, it's not fun to make lunches each morning with much care and enthusiasm only to have them brought back, untouched and thrown out.

Most children will not look forward to attending a nursery in Dubai, sometime or the other. Even children who are happy and love to attend nursery get burned out by the daily grind after some time. 

Sports Day

Every event held at Little Champions Nursery is met with enthusiasm from both kids and their parents. Event, where physical activity is involved, is met with even greater support. Motivation behind it is simple – sports is fun and every child understands it. 

Mother's Day

Despite of many common celebrations across the globe, cultural differences and traditions they are often celebrated on different days. Cultural differences, traditions and habits dictate also the way how people celebrate special days. 

At Little Champions Nursery we support activities which raise funds for charity. Last year we organized a Cake Bake Sale day and were pleasantly surprised about so big support we gained from you.

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