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Our nursery

As a caring parent, you know that only the best will do if you want your child to be a champion. That is why you have been seeking the best nursery in Dubai - one that will prepare your child with the best education while at the same time provide a well-rounded and enriching cultural environment. We are dedicated to providing children with the best possible learning environment - one filled with stimulating social interaction, educational games and toys and plenty of opportunities to interact with other children from around the world.



Our founder and CEO Sabina Azizova told to Khaleej Times how to prevent the kids stress when they go to preschool.

Famous mum-blogger Louise shared her impressions of our Little Champions Nursery's qualities.

Parents of children who attend kids nursery in Jumeirah  are often faced with the dilemma where their children categorically refuse to eat their lunch in the School. For parents, it's not fun to make lunches each morning with much care and enthusiasm only to have them brought back, untouched and…


Wang Li Wen
Little Champions Nursery, there are nice classrooms and play area for kid’s playing. All staffs are nice and friendly. The teachers are responsible and taking care of children. We all love Little Champions!

Hayley’s Mom
Loving and caring teachers. Passionate about learning and teaching. No tears from Hayley in the mornings, she enjoys playing with her friends and singing nursery rhymes.

Leo’s mom (Anna Mather)
Little Champions Nursery is very friendly place for kids. Lots of fun, joy and being very creative. The staff are very kind, smart and friendly.

Eva Dart’s Mom and Dad
Little Champions is like a second fsmily to Eva! She made her first steps, smiles and friends here. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything you did for her (us)! Thank you.