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Rukhsana Swinney

Rukhsana edit

Hello! My name Rukhsana Swinney and I am a qualified nursery teacher from England. I have had a wealth of experience and been in the nursery education field for over 20 years –teaching, advertising and managing. I am fully conversant with the Early Years Foundation Stage practice in the UK and have worked with many children who have spoken English as an additional language. I also, am St. John’s Ambulance first aid-trained.
I think it is natural for a mother to feel that her child should be in a secure environment and get the best education with proper values and social skills. That is why; I closely evaluate all activities at the nursery and work meticulously with my staff in order to ensure that children get best facilities and opportunities to learn and grow.
In Little Champions Nursery we strive to make early learning years the foundation for future endeavors in life. I believe that with the right guidance and direction, children can do wonders.
I hope that all the children who come to Little Champion Nursery will be able to treasure their experiences and develop values, beliefs and attitudes which will allow o respond to everyday challenges with integrity and understanding.
In my spare time I enjoy arts and crafts, reading, travelling and being a scout leader with the British Scouts Group Abroad.


Teachers at the Dubai nursery say that it's important to establish a good relationship with their little student's as it's an important factor in managing their behavior in the classroom. 

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