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Sabina Azizova

SABINA AZIZOVAI was born in Azerbaijan and as a young child I always wanted to make a contribution to society and felt that I had the potential to do so. Growing up in the Soviet time, when the world of childhood and the spiritual side of the development of children were not given enough attention, inspired me to study personal growth and spiritual development, forming the right values and thoughts.

All children should receive great attention from birth. The reason why I wanted to open a nursery was to contribute to the lives of youngsters to help them with right values and thoughts.

My vision is to create a better society for tomorrow by helping today’s children grow up as well-rounded, mature individuals who will go on to become champions and leaders.

This is why our nursery is called Little Champions.

Every child that is born is already a Champion.

Today’s children are the future of our society. If we look after our children well, we will create a better world for tomorrow.

In addition to the normal work with children in our nursery, we provide workshops for parents to help them understand their children better and to discover and develop their individual qualities.

Our mission is to instill in the children a strong sense of love, self-worth, gratitude, altruism and respect not only for themselves but also for the surrounding world.

Welcome to our happy and kind world of childhood. We are happy to serve you with joy and love!

Our children are God’s greates creation.


Teachers at the Dubai nursery say that it's important to establish a good relationship with their little student's as it's an important factor in managing their behavior in the classroom. 

As a parent in Dubai Preschool education may not have been on your list of priorities. While, for some parents they have already planned which junior ivy league nursery in Dubai they should enroll their child, from the moment they are born.