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Our curriculum

Based on the Early Years & Foundation Stage Curriculum, Little Champion Nursery provides an integrated early years program.

Little Champions Nursery is committed to providing parents with the very best start for their children.

Constantly striving to develop new and innovative ideas, we work closely with the Early Years Foundation Stage practice in the UK to ensure that we are constantly aware of current requirements and policies. During the early year’s children are excited about life, discovery and the sheer newness of everything around them.

Little Champions Nursery provides a warm, safe nurturing environment in which to grow and develop. Honoring children as an individual and, embracing them in a loving environment, cultivates a child who is confident and insightful.

Young children learn through experiences, through imitation and by being actively involved in their own world. At Little Champions Nursery, a child’s natural sense of awe and wonderment about the world around them is nurtured through art, movement, story, and language. The nursery’s play based constructivist curriculum encourages children to express and build meaning through their experiences.

Our nursery provides unwavering stability through our well-qualified and experienced teachers who take time to know you and your child. Our practitioners continually update their professional qualifications ensuring that they are always providing “Best Practice” for our children. We promote the social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of each child.

Following the guidelines within the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation stage Little Champions is committed to ensuring that we comply with the learning and development goals set out in the EYFS.

All our children are given the opportunity to experience a challenging and enjoyable program of learning and development.


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