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You are what you eat and we’d like our little champions to be healthy. This puts them in the best position to bounce around in play time as well as focus during activities. An example of your child’s daily meal plan is a follows:


1. Oat Pudding - Cottage cheese with banana - Omelete - Oatmeal - Semolina Pudding

2. Milk - Homemade Juice - Cacao 

3. Bread - Butter - Cheese/Jam

Morning Snack

1. Fresh Fruits - Apple and carrot sticks


1. Vegetable Cream Soup - Vermicelli Soup - Yellow peas cream soup - Chicken Rice Soup -        Pasta with meat and white sauce - Chicken cutlet and buckwheat - Tolma with beef -              Mushed  potato with fish cutlet - Buckwheat organic pasta

2. Vegetable Salad - Tomato Salad  - Cucumber and carrot sticks 

3. Bread

4. Homemade juice

12pm -12.30pm
Afternoon Snack

1. Homemade Baked Cookies - Homemade Baked Biscuits - Crepes with honey - Banana        Bread - Carrot cake

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