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Healthy food

All our food is healthy, tasty and cooked on the premises in ourwell equipped kitchen using fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Health of the child depends a lot on food he eats. As the young organism of the kid is in the forming process, it is extremely important to provide it with the necessary vitamins and minerals. They strengthen bones, muscles and teeth, make a positive effect on the heart and skin. Correct food consumption timing and balanced ration from the early childhood helps kid to get used to it and more likely to keep same healthy eating habits. All our food is healthy, tasty and cooked on the premises in our well equipped kitchen, using fresh, wholesome ingredients. We provide breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. A special baby menu of pureed fresh vegetables and fruit is provided upon request and we cater for special dietary requirements.



Teachers at the Dubai nursery say that it's important to establish a good relationship with their little student's as it's an important factor in managing their behavior in the classroom. 

As a parent in Dubai Preschool education may not have been on your list of priorities. While, for some parents they have already planned which junior ivy league nursery in Dubai they should enroll their child, from the moment they are born.