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Wang Li Wen

Little Champions Nursery, there are nice classrooms and play area for kid’s playing. All staffs are nice and friendly. The teachers are responsible and taking care of children. We all love Little Champions!

Hayley’s Mom

Loving and caring teachers. Passionate about learning and teaching. No tears from Hayley in the mornings, she enjoys playing with her friends and singing nursery rhymes.

Leo’s mom (Anna Mather)

Little Champions Nursery is very friendly place for kids. Lots of fun, joy and being very creative. The staff are very kind, smart and friendly.

Eva Dart’s Mom and Dad

Little Champions is like a second fsmily to Eva! She made her first steps, smiles and friends here. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything you did for her (us)! Thank you.

Rugayya Alblooski's Mom

Both of my kids are of the Little Champions Nursery, Mahra 3.5 years and Saiph 4 months. I have seen big development on my daughter, very well behaved and social. The teachers are excellent.

Christina and Ahmed

Little champions Nursery has been excellent in teaching and caring for our daughter, Lola. The staff are fantastic and it is great knowing that she is in safe hands. Every day Lola looks forward to her day here!

Rashid's Dad

I am really thankful to the nursery for caring the hidden talent of my son Rashid. He has developed discipline, good command in English, learnt reading, coloring and songs. He started involving with other kids, developed team player spirit and has developed confidence.
The teachers and assistant teachers are very kind, helpful and give individual attention to each student. This has developed my trust in the nursery and will surely put my other son in the nursery.


Francesko's Mom

Little Champions Nursery – safe and healthy environment for your child
Since Francesco joined Little Champions, I’ve seen a lot of changes in him – he became more confident and he learned how to play with other children, and he loves creative activities which they do at nursery. He is singing a lot of nursery rhymes and repeats everything his teacher shows him. Everyday he tells me what he learned in nursery and he’s always very enthusiastic about it. He’s excited to go to “amico”, which in Italian means “friend”. This is how he perceives Little Champions – very friendly place where he can learn, play and enjoy his time.
Good communication with parents, a lot of activities for children and special people working in your nursery.
Thank you very much for your job!


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