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Teacher Child Relationships in Dubai Nurseries

Teachers at the Dubai nursery say that it's important to establish a good relationship with their little student's as it's an important factor in managing their behavior in the classroom. 

 Teacher Child Relationships in Dubai Nurseries

When a child knows that the teacher loves them  its easy to manage them and make them behave better in the class and not be disruptive, this is especially true with children who have the most challenging behavior. Even other children behave better and listen to the teacher when they know that the teacher loves them.

Most teachers find themselves changing their entire attitude towards challenging children. These special children need to know they are loved and they need to be shown. And once the child knows it and feels secure there is a tremendous change in their attitude and behavior in the classroom, at home and also with their peers. These children will even be more obedient to the rules and regulations than a well behaved child. This does not mean that every challenging child will change their behaviors and listen to rules and regulations, each child differs and with some children it may take longer than expected to have the desired effect. An educator at the best nursery school in Dubai explains that preschool children behave when they have a good relationship with adults. Early learning for preschoolers at the nursery school in Jumeirah is based on relationships.

Good, positive relationships are very important for children to succeed in their personal life as well as in school, and developing this early in life is very important. Children need to see educators as role models who are supportive and helpful towards them. In general, children have the need to feel safe, secure, loved, cherished and a sense that they belong. It does not mean that teachers need to be a child's friend like a peer relationship, but a student-teacher relationship and friendship is what needs to be established, where the child likes the teacher but respects the teacher as an educator and adult.   

Here are some tips that are followed by teachers at the Dubai nurseries to establish a good relationship with children at their preschool,

  • Help the child and the family understand the expectations of the school. As in Dubai, there are students from multicultural and they may be taught differently on how to interact with children and adults.  
  • Use language that helps a child see the teacher as a mentor and not as a challenger.
  • Get to know the child and build a relationship and if there is a conflict the teacher knows how to deal with the child.
  • Connect with the children during circle time. Have a good conversation with the children without always using the 'teacher talk'. Make the conversation, casual as possible.
  • Be warm, friendly and kind, even if the child is being difficult and showing challenging behavior. Don't use affection as a form of reward for good behavior. Treat them nicely, despite their difficult behavior.
  • When children are difficult and out of control , give them a sense of security. Let them know that you are there for them and you will not hurt them or let others hurt them.
  • Be a consistent teacher. If you tell the child you will do something, do it. Don't go back on your word.
  • Teach the child that relationships can be restored , even if they do something, they can apologize and repair the relationship.
  • Speak quietly to the child.
  • Help fix any mistakes

Meet and greet children kindly when they come to the school and say goodbye.