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How Your Little Child’s Brain Develops

Any best nursery school in Jumeirahunderstands that the most important life changing development stages that children go through are in the early years. 

 Take care about children brain development in Dubai preschool

As much of the young years are spent in anursery in Dubai many nurseries pay close attention to their activities to aid children in this key brain development stage in life.

The care takers at the kids nursery in Dubai are able to observe a great improvement in the children’s abilities when comparing to the time they initially joined the nursery.  As the months go by the children will show better understanding in handling items and communicating. These are activities related to the development of the brain. With this essential brain developmental activities the children will be able to develop better reasoning skills and show improved abilities in understanding and behaving in situations.

As parents we all desire to look for the best nursery school in Dubai. But how do we determine which is the best and on what basis? The best method is to speak to other parents and observe the children in the nursery. How they are kept busy throughout the day and what activities are introduced at what age. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from the staff regarding any clarifications you have. If they can’t answer a simple question as to why they do a certain activity, then you are better off not selecting that nursery. Doing activities for the sake of carrying them out without understanding the purpose behind them will not help the children in any way.

The activities introduced by the nursery can be categorized into two based on the brains capabilities. The right cerebral of the brain is what holds the abilities related to creativity including music and artistry, fantasizing and acting. While it is the left cerebral hemisphere that handled all skills related to mathematics, language and logic. 

The development of these two cerebrals happens at different ages, which explains why children are able to master a skill related to communication before being able to show interest in art. 

Proper guidance at school and at home is important for all children from the beginning to help towards their development and understanding. Look at nurseries from this point of view and you will be able to finalize the best nursery for your toddlers.