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New Term at Children’s Nurseries in Dubai

Parents and Teachers in Dubai find getting back to kids nursery in Dubai for the new school year very stressful but also a joyful time. For parents, it's a time when their little ones are growing up in the world and going on to the next level and for teachers its seeing new little faces and getting to know their class. 

 New Term at Children’s Nurseries in Dubai

The stress levels will depend on how prepared the teachers and parents are, and how far ahead they are to handle situations.

However, the task of children going to school is very challenging for a parent, you have a lot of responsibility, especially, if your child is moving to a new primary nursery in Dubai, you will need to take special consideration to help the child feel comfortable in their new learning environment. Whether it is parent -teacher night, taking a tour of the classroom and meeting the teachers before school starts and getting new stationary and uniforms are some activities that you can involve your preschooler so that they find their place in their new environment and be active in their preschool.

Also, parents should be more involved in preschool activities. Many children’s nurseries in Dubai stress on the need for parents to be more involved in their child's activities and this includes being an active participant in school as well. Therefore, parents should volunteer as much as possible at the preschool that their child is attending. When parents get involved in their children’s lives, especially at school when they get directly involved in what the child is doing this makes the child do well and excel in school later on as well.

Here are a few tips where parents can get involved in their child's preschool learning environment,

  • Talk to your child about the first day of school. Discuss the positive and fun elements of starting a new school year.
  • If your school allows car pools, find a good parent and carpool, your child will find riding with another child enjoyable and can walk into school with a friend by their side, boosting self confidence.
  • Choose comfortable school accessories, such as a light and comfortable backpack or an easy to open lunch box.
  • Discuss safety with your child.It's never too early to start discussing 'stranger danger” , especially at school and it is a discussion that parents need to have many many times with children of all ages, constantly.
  • Make sure you have it all in place before the first day, such as what to bring to school, lunch and snacks.
  • If there are new school rules and regulations, make sure to go over them and also tell your child about them, the new school year is a good reminder to start.
  • Know how to handle your child if they are the bullied.
  • Make sure you have child care in place for before or after school as needed, especially if you are working parents.
  • Develop a good homework and study habits, even if it's just to play with toy bricks or identify shapes. Make time every day for an hour or so in a spot in your home that is away from unnecessary distractions for study time.

Other than these requirements, there is naturally the back to school shopping, which are all available at best nursery school in Dubai, such as backpacks, arts and craft aprons, caps and so that parents don't have to spend a lot of time looking for these necessities. Many other preschools around the world provides the convenience of buying school supplies under one roof as well.