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Potty Training at the Children’s Nurseries in Dubai

When you're already potty trained child has an accident at the nursery school in Jumeirah it does not mean that the child should be potty trained again. 


However, they need to be trained on how to use the potty at school or in a place outside the home and basically where they are not used to.

When a child is anxious or stressed in any type of situation they may spring a leak despite them being well trained and out of diapers. However, being in a classroom also poses many challenges, and as a result may cause accidents as well. For instance, the little one may be embarrassed or scared to tell the teacher they need to use the washroom, uncomfortable with using unfamiliar equipment, or shy about doing their business in group situations.Children may also get engrossed and caught up with what is happening in the classroom that they may forget to answer the call of nature and end up having an accident.

Accident's happen and they often happen at the kids nursery in Dubai, therefore, help your child to get over these problems and become a potty pro. Here are a few helpful hints,

  • Don't punish the child if they have an accident in school. Send an extra pair of clothing so that child does not get too embarrassed and lose her self esteem. Tell the child having an accident in preschool is perfectly normal. Reassure her that the next time she will make it on time to the potty, and then change the subject.
  • Take the child on a visit to the bathroom, preferably on the first day of school and show them where it is and where everything is kept, so that it looks very normal to them. Ask the child to give it a go while you're there as well.
  • Help the child get over their shyness. Tell the child that it's perfectly normal to use the washroom and everyone, the other children and the teachers all do it. Help the child gain some public potty training at the mall or at a restaurant. Tell the child that they can sing in the stall if they are afraid that others might hear them.
  • Offer praise when the child has an accident-free day. Applauding the child and rewarding the child could lead to fewer accidents.
  • Dress the child in comfortable clothing. The children’s nurseries in Dubai, often have an easy to remove uniform if not, make sure the child is dressed in easy to remove clothing so she won’t have to play around with many snaps or buttons to get the job done.

Don't forget that the teachers at thebest kids nursery in Dubaiare there to help the children andtheir parents with the preschool adjustment. And that includes potty training and dealing with accidents as well. So talk to your child's teacher and enlist their help as well to get your child back on track with using the potty. Things will not turn around overnight, it may take weeks or even a few months, but offer as much encouragement as possible and in no time your child will become a potty pro.