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Good Night! Sweetheart

“Good night! Sleep tight and I will wake you up, when  the morning light strike”. Is it difficult to get your child to sleep? 


Then maybe you are not doing it right. There are numerous proven healthy  sleep habits which parents usually practice- like setting up a sleep schedule, brushing teeth before bed, turning off the lights etc . These habits are undoubtedly healthy, but they do not inspire your child to sleep. Sleeping should not feel like a punishment or necessarily be boring. Make bedtime a fun time by adding some relaxing activities. How many of you sing your child to sleep? Or read them bedtime stories?. Well, those who don’t, they should give it a try.

Apart from putting your child to sleep lullabies also relax them, soothe their little souls, reduce aggression. It is a magic tonic for calming down a distressed child. Furthermore ,it strengthens the parent-child bond. If you are not a singer material it is totally fine as your child would not judge your singing talents. There is a huge collection of lullabies like “Hush little baby”, “ Child of sunshine”, “All day all night” and many many more. You can easily find them at a bookstore or simply dig them out from the internet. Nursery rhymes like “Baa Baa black sheep” or “Twinkle Twinkle little star” will also do the work just as perfectly as any  other lullaby. To make it more interesting you could compose your own lullaby for your little sweethearts because you know better what your child likes the most.

Early-childhood is the phase where the foundation stones for a child’s psychology is laid and on this foundation will depend his later moral developments. Stronger the foundation higher the morals can grow. Reading them fairy tales or stories with morals helps them distinguish the bad from good, the right from wrong and  bad guys from the good guys. Most importantly, it helps a child face adversities in life with a smile on their face. It adds a certain amount of positivity and class to their behavior. We cannot restrict  the benefits of bedtime stories to just psychological aspects as it also adds greatly to the brain’s  development. It improves the listening, speaking and  their ability to grasp and memorize. Additionally, it helps your children to improve their language. Bedtime stories and lullabies are very important for your child don’t miss out on them.