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Interesting Facts About Kids

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LC child

  • In Korea 9 months which the child spends in the mother’s womb are added to the kid’s age. Therefore according to the documents Korean children are always one year older than their fellows from other countries, despite the fact that there is no physical difference.
  • During last years it became popular in the United States to name kids after famous brand names. Girls are often named as Chanel and Armani, boys – Nike and Lexus.
  • According to statistics children aged 3 to 4 pronounce daily 12 000 words and ask around 900 question.
  • Newborns only see green and red colours, but it takes longer for infants to be able to see blue and violet.
  • Mostly children are born without teeth to reduce the likelihood of hurting their mother during the breastfeeding. One out of 2 000 babies is born with one tooth which is called natal tooth. Interestingly, a significant number of world leaders including emperors and famous dictators were born with such a tooth. Among them are Gaius Julius Caesar, Ivan Gannibal, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler.