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Charity Cake Sale

At Little Champions Nursery we support activities which raise funds for charity. Last year we organized a Cake Bake Sale day and were pleasantly surprised about so big support we gained from you.


cake saleWe sincerely hope that also this year we all together will be able to raise some money for charity. Little Champions Nursery invites all families and staff to participate in Cake Bake Sale event which will take place on Thursday 26 March. 

Banana cake, carrot cake, peanut butter cream-cake, yogurt cake, marble cake, apple pie, banoffee pie, brownie, cheesecake, date and walnut loaf, various cupcakes and éclairs – which one is your favourite flavour? Join us at this exciting event and surprise everyone with your outstanding cooking skills. Don’t miss a chance to try delicious homemade pastries and cakes!

Our bake sale is completely dependent upon donations from families. Therefore, we are asking all parents to contribute their homemade baked cakes for this event. Please drop off baked cake in your child’s classroom early morning of 26th. Your generous contribution to this will benefit for Charity.