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Mother's Day

Despite of many common celebrations across the globe, cultural differences and traditions they are often celebrated on different days. Cultural differences, traditions and habits dictate also the way how people celebrate special days. 

mothers day

However, when it comes to the Mother’s day, grateful words and beautiful flowers are sent to mums all over the world. We tribute the most important person in our lives – the person who gave us life.

The Mother’s Day which we celebrate today is a little more than 100 years old celebration which comes from the North America. However, the roots of this day reach back centuries, when mother’s day had religious overtones. In most of the modern countries Mother’s day is celebrated in spring months – March, April and March. Citizens of Norway and Panama celebrate this day during wintertime. In Argentina and Russian Federation the Mother’s day is celebrated in autumn, but in Mongolia it marks the first day of summer.

At Little Champions Nursery we want to show our children the importance of the Mother’s day. We sincerely congratulate every woman who has gone through the miracle of becoming a mother. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to our fabulous mothers and wish abundant happiness and never-ending love of your family. Let’s share the happiness together. Let’s make every mum feeling happy, loved and very special.