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Extended Child Day Care in Dubai

In Dubai, there are lots of parents who work outside the home and preschools providing the best child education in Dubai have begun to address this issue by starting after school programs and day care facilities with extended hour so that parents can attend to their work without worrying about their precious angels.

 Extended child day care in Dubai

These day cares and after school programs are designed to keep kids safe and involved in activities that help them to learn and have lots of fun at the same time.

Most parents, are reassured and confident knowing that their child can go to a child care nursery in Dubai where they can stay after school and help them develop learning skills and social behaviors in a safe environment. There are many different types of after school programs and child care centers that are offered in conjunction with extracurricular activities, like music and movement with brain gym, recreational and rhythmic gymnastics, creative drama, musical theatre and French and Arabic languages. There is no single cause for the success of these programs, but for these programs to be effective it must offer both academic enrichment and recreational activities as well.

Some of the characteristics of a successful after school and day care in Dubai are,

  • Featuring successful programs
  • Setting achievable milestones for the children
  • Have qualified staff
  • Involvement of the parents
  • Provide learning environments
  • Having physical activities
  • Evaluation of program and success of activities
  • Help with homework
  • Featuring stimulating games and a fun environment

Kids nursery in Dubai that feature these after school, day care facilities, have identified, that children who benefit from these programs and have improved grades, better behavior and good habits. The day care programs typically start from about 7.30am for very young children to pick up timings ranging from 1pm, 3pm and 6pm.

Research also indicates that teens who are also involved in after school programs and day care, like these, are less likely to be involved in dangerous behavior and sustain better grades.

The availability of these after school and extended day care programs are welcomed and supported by many parents not only in Dubai, but all over the world as it gives parents the flexibility to have a career as well as care for a their children.