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Curriculum for Nurseries in UAE

A parent who has a child who is about to enter in children’s nurseries in Dubai are curious to know what they will be learning. Since you are new to the nursery teaching curriculum as a parent, it isn’t a bad idea to get to know what nursery education is all about. The curriculum for those youngsters involve more than just learning to color pictures, play or cut and paste pictures.

 Curriculum for Nurseries in UAE

Teachers at nurseries in uae are responsible for teaching some important principles such as math, languages, arts, music, cooking skills, drama, physical play and many more. In Nursery, children become familiar with animals, colors, parts of the body, letters and numbers. They learn nursery rhymes, days of the week, what important holidays mean, and how to rhyme simple words. Preparing a child for nursery by teaching him a few things at home will really help them get a head start. Some of the kids nursery in Dubai, teach children their address, phone number, and the location of their home and school as well and by the end of their nursery school they are able to write their name, read simple words, identify letters and sounds, and make observations about the world. This is a lot of work that children learn in such a short period of time.

Nursery in Dubai is a lot different than it used to be and demands much more from young children. In order to be ready for nursery a child must be able to manage their personal needs like to ask to be taken to the bathroom, pay attention for short periods of time and follow simple directions. Any prior knowledge they receive at home from their parents or caregivers with special attention to numbers, letters, sharing with others and good manners will help them be well on their way to a positive learning experience.

Usually teachers will be in a position to discuss the nursery curriculum on enrollment and educate the parent on what to expect and how they can guide their young ones to be high achievers and excel in one of the best experiences of their lives.