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Early Years Nursery Development in Dubai

Primary nursery in Dubai is very important for many reasons as there are some important and crucial milestones reached during this period of learning and development.

 Early Years Nursery Development in Dubai

Here is a look at some of those important developmental skills and milestones that children receiving best child education in Dubai are expected to reach ,

Social skills -Nursery school children between the age of 3 - 4 usually develop social skills when they start to play cooperatively with other children, take part in structured games, remember rhymes and songs, learn to share and make real friends and even go on to make good friends. Their play tends to take a more realistic approach such as play restaurant, play teacher or mother. As they progress they will also be influenced by their peer groups and learn to understand rules. As they move on, they will want to gain independence and love to take the responsibility of taking on simple chores and other activities.

Motor Skills- For the development of motor skills in Dubai nurseries, children between the ages of 3 -5 are given task like puzzles, finger paints, molds with clay, stack blocks and draw shapes with a crayon or pencil. These activities improve a child's ability to move around obstacles quickly, climbs ladders, uses slides, pedals, hop on one foot and catch, throw and bounce a ball and self groom such as brushing teeth and combing hair. As children grow and develop they also need the proper nutrition via vitamins and minerals so they don’t become vitamin deficient at this crucial stage of development and interfere with them reaching their milestones.

Language and thinking processes - By the time children turn 3, they can speak in sentences, do puzzles and can match shapes and colors. Between the ages of 4 - 5 , children attending early years nursery in Dubai will develop an increased sentence structure where they combine thoughts and ideas, explained an educator in Dubai. They think literally and start thinking logically and know the difference between reality and make believe. Five year olds tend to become more analytical and love complex and abstract problem solving. They also enjoy participating in conversations and tend to increase their vocabulary.

A child's development in each category varies and as a parent if you do have a doubt if your child is reaching the key milestones that should based on their age, discuss it with your child's preschool teacher in Dubai for a complete assessment of your child's performance