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Preschool Lunch Menu in Dubai

Parents of children who attend kids nursery in Jumeirah  are often faced with the dilemma where their children categorically refuse to eat their lunch in the School. For parents, it's not fun to make lunches each morning with much care and enthusiasm only to have them brought back, untouched and thrown out.

How to make a child eat

Since preschoolers are active and always on the go, they need plenty of fuel to get them through their day and busy schedule. However, there are children who find eating in a group setting difficult, which is a common problem, says an educator at the nursery provider of the year in Dubai. Children often face problems with peer pressure to the food they bring, such as criticism, or the  inexperience negotiating the food or food containers without a parent’s help or the overwhelming feeling of taking on challenging experiences that deter children from digging into their lunches with enthusiasm.

Parent's who have children who bring their lunches, home without being touched by the child, here is how to turn your child back into a lunch lover at the best nursery in Dubai and to make sure your child eat all his lunches with enthusiasm and start enjoying his lunch again,

  • Take them shopping for supplies.Whether it’s covered in cuddly teddies or famous superheroes, a favorite lunch box can help the child to look forward to lunchtime. Pick up the supplies out together and make sure its user friendly for a small child, such as that it can be opened and closed easily and has room for lots of mini containers. A Bento box is the latest craze in making children's lunches a work of art.
  • Trial run.The parent should try to pack the child's lunch in their lunch box on a day they are home and let them eat from it. Allow the child to practice opening the box, taking the containers out, opening the containers, and eating all the contents. Show the child how to put the containers back in and close it up once they are done.
  • Allow the child to pick the food he likes to eat. Sometimes the lunchbox or peers are not the reason that children don't eat their lunch at school, they could be picky eaters and will not like what is packed in their lunch box. Pack food the child likes to eat, but make sure they are healthy choices. Let the child decide on the food they want  each night and even help pack it.
  • Host a preschool lunch-play date at home. At the play date make sure the child's friends sit across from each other and eat just like they would at school. Stand back and let them chat while they eat, and offer help opening containers and poking the straw through the juice-box top only if they need it. This will give the child the confidence to eat without a problem at the school.
  • Have a variety on the menu. Children will not like to eat the same food everyday so look for some creative and unique lunch time ideas for the child.

Eating in school. Check with the child's preschool teacher if your child can sit at a small table with just one other child. Fewer kids equal fewer distractions from the food. Also, if the other child is happily munching his or her lunch, your child may eat too. . Some Dubai nurseries that offer healthy lunches in school as well.