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Day Care Dubai

Working parents worry about day care in Dubai. They second guess and question themselves if the child is happy, are they safe in the extended nursery and are they getting the best care.

 Daily care of child in Dubai

It can be heartbreaking for working parents , especially a mother to leave their child in the care of a stranger to go to work. But with a good quality kids nursery in Dubai , parents can rest assured and have peace of mind to work knowing their children are having the best care. Therefore, it is important for parents to choose a nursery they are comfortable and confident with leaving their child.

Parents have a huge variety of Dubai nurseries to choose from. Nurseries start their application process early, sometimes as early as 6 months in advance. Therefore, visit the nurseries you're considering before you shortlist them. In Dubai, you can secure a spot within a few months as most parents move or leave often, so there are spots opening in most of the nurseries with a minimum down time.

Make sure to shortlist your nursery based on the cost, the atmosphere at the nursery, the curriculum, the staff and the way the child is treated, is very important for a working parent. Therefore, spend a day simply observing the nursery class, so that you are happy and ready to make a final decision.

Depending on the employer, its best to find a nursery that has extended hours, opens during the holidays and takes children at a young age. For instance, since working mother's only get 45 maternity leave its important to look for a nursery that will take a baby from 3 months.

Look for a reasonable teacher to child ratio. For babies who are less than a year old, it's important to have a dedicated person as they require a lot of care and attention. Babies are often put into a routine from the moment they are born so that its easier for the baby and the mother. So look for a child care nursery in Dubai that follows routine and the baby's care in not compromised, making it easier for the parents on the weekends.

Keep in mind that during the holidays, you need to work and nurseries that are open during the holidays have an extra charge. Budget these costs as well, which is an extra cost besides the fees, when you're considering a nursery for your little one.

If you are not happy with leaving your child at the nursery through the day until you get off work, make arrangements to have a caregiver pick the child up at midday. If you are considering this options its best to choose a nursery located close to the home.

Once you decide, on a nursery based on all these considerations, make sure to reserve a spot immediately as the good nurseries get booked fairly fast. Avoid putting yourself on a waiting list!