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Children’s Nurseries Dubai

At the start of the school year children at Children’s Nurseries Dubaifind it really tough to get back into the academic mood after such as long holiday. Children will go through feelings of excitement and anxiety. Parents too go through some of these emotions.

 Explain to your child that now time for preschool and it's good.

Therefore, it is important to  have a positive attitude and prepare to meet these challenges to keep children happy and positive about beginning the new school year, even with the very young ones.

Here are some useful way to keep the nervousness to a minimum and the smiles to the maximum and start the new school term in the right spirit,

  • Spend some time with your child talking about her return to the new class at the nursery school in Jumeirah. Talk about the fun things that is planned for this year, what their day might be like, that they have moved on to a new and higher class, the time school will begin and end, the teachers and how they can come home to their family once school is over. The more you make the child aware of his or her experience the less nervous they will be on the first day.
  • Have a test run the day before. Many children transition into a sleep-in and stay-up-late schedule during the holidays. This makes returning to nursery and  having to get up earlier a challenge. Therefore, start the early sleep routine a week before school and practice waking up early the day before school starts so that they can get over their first-morning sleepiness.
  • Make a visit to the nursery before school starts.  Many nurseries in UAE give parents the opportunity to meet and greet the teacher prior to the start of the new term. Take the child in for a quick visit so that it will not be new to the child on the first day. If such an event is not planned by the nursery, schedule a visit ahead of time so your child can visit his or her new class and have a look around.
  •  Since the school opens sometime before the first day, take your child in for a quick visit. If no event is planned, schedule a visit ahead of time so your child can enter the building and see her classroom.
  • Give the child the option of deciding on the school stationery. Whether it's a new book, sticker, water bottle, school bag or a lunch box, let your child decide on what she wants and let her pick the new school items at the store. This gives the child a sense of belonging and enthusiasm to show off their new things to the their friends, making them forget about the first day jitters.
  • Drop and drive off. Don't linger in the school for too long. The nursery in Jumeirah will allow parents to settle their little ones on the first day of school and then move on. Reassure your child that you will be back to pick them up, give them a hug and tell them how proud you are of them and that you will even reward them if they are good in school.

Once your job of settling your little one in school is done, let the teacher begin hers, as that too is not an easy task.