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Early Years Nursery Dubai

There is no easy way to settle your toddler at the early years nursery in Dubai. What works for one parent will not work for another. It will depend on how your child is blending in with the school environment and other children. 

explaining to a child

While some children take no time in adapting to their new surroundings, other children may not settle in very well and need some time to settle down and be comfortable.

If your child is not ready to face his or her Dubai nursery, then the following tips should be helpful, and make school drop offs less dramatic.

  • Stay behind  - Don't feel embarrassed about staying behind to make sure your child is settled in, especially on the first day of nursery school.
  • Routine and consistency - Children settle in well to routine since they know what to expect. Make sure to stick to the same time to drop off your child and pick them up.
  • Keep your emotions at bay - Children can sense your feelings very well, it's a, unspoken ability that children have so make sure not to be anxious, distressed or sad, so that the child too feels insecure and sad. Explain that she is going to the best nursery in Dubai and should have fun with other children until you back to pick him or her up. These reassuring and kind words can soothe a child.
  • Stay strong - Ok, so the tears should begin at any moment, as a parent, you need to stand your ground, easier said than done as its heartbreaking to see your child cry and ask for you while you make a hasty exit. It's alright to stay for a few days and reassure your child, but make sure it's not a daily practice, as you and the child need to deal with separation anxiety and simply drop off the child in school and go.
  • Their favorite toy or object. Nurseries with the best child education in Dubai allows children to bring their favorite toy or blanket to nursery as this helps them settle in. Parent's feel reluctant to encourage this habit of taking a blanket or toy, but if it helps the little one settle down and the nursery is happy with it, then best is to give in to this method of calming the child down for a while.

Once the child makes friends and participates in fun activities they will no longer cry or throw tantrums when you drop them off, they will be happy to go to school and enjoy the day.