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Learning Disabilities in Nursery Kids

The common definition of a learning disability in children, is the various conditions that interfere with a child's ability to learn and impaired functioning in language, reasoning, or academic skills that are thought to be caused by difficulties in processing and integrating information. 

Learning disabilities in Dubai.

In today's society, there are many differing levels of learning disabilities in children in Dubai and anywhere in the world.

Little Champions Nursery, one of the best kids nursery in Dubai explained that there are many children who struggle with learning things, but have never been diagnosed with an actual learning disorder. These children simple struggle to grasp things and may have a mild form of learning disability as opposed to others who are suffering from a severe learning disability. The key to dealing with learning disabilities is to identify them as early in life as possible and then to seek out the right kind of help. For instance, children who had reading problems became avid readers when given the right help with education in early years nursery in Dubai. Therefore, it is obvious that progress can be made if parents, teachers, and caregivers identify early where the child needs extra help.

Some of the signs that parents and teachers should look for in preschoolers are, trouble relating to friends of the same age, problems pronouncing words clearly, vocabulary is slow, has fine motor skill difficulties, unable to follow simple directions, has trouble with routine, gets easily distracted or seems to be occupied all of the time, takes time to speak than most children his age, has trouble rhyming words, difficulty in learning shapes, colors, letters and numbers.

In older children some of the signs of learning disabilities include, unable to grasp learning to tell time, does not grip writing utensils like it should, seems clumsy or accident prone, mixes up number sequences and math symbols, depends on memorization, difficulty with spelling words, has a hard time with new concepts, doesn't like to read loud, reverses letters in words, trouble recalling facts and word problems, does not make friends easily, slow worker, difficulty summarizing stories, concepts or facts, has trouble filling in the blanks and have a hard time remembering in general.

If a parent or teacher's identify some of the warning signs they can give children the help they need and the best child education in Dubai before it's too late.