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Organise your child's unforgettable summer, full of fun and adventures! Let them use their imagination and have a great fun. We provide for your little ones supervised set of activities with unlimited possibilities. Arts & crafts, role play, baking, music, picnics and more. The summer will be over sooner than you think. 


Little Champions Nursery ‘Summer Camp

will start on July 1st and will last until August 30th.



Timings: from 8 am to 6 pm.



Register your Child NOW!



Teachers at the Dubai nursery say that it's important to establish a good relationship with their little student's as it's an important factor in managing their behavior in the classroom. 

As a parent in Dubai Preschool education may not have been on your list of priorities. While, for some parents they have already planned which junior ivy league nursery in Dubai they should enroll their child, from the moment they are born.